The Create Change Movement is a recycling & consumption revolution, by using discarded materials to create innovative, practical, and wearable works of art + we will change the world. Our mission is to change the way we consume and create by educating and inspiring you with ways to take action, everyday.

The Create Change Movement was Jason Hope instigated by Jenelle Montilone, creative activist and entreprenuer. Jenelle has diverted more than 20 tons of clothing from our landfills by partnering with state agencies and local organizations to offer TrashN2Tees clothing and textile recycling.

Her love for hiking, nature, and being outdoors led Jenelle to pursue an environmental science major in college, and having children intensified her passion. Looking deep into the eyes of her firstborn, she really started to wonder what types of problems his generation would be faced with. Jenelle believes tomorrow can be better than yesterday if we live responsibly today.

70% of the items in our landfills can be recycled or reused.

There are 1,794 landfills in U.S. and the EPA estimates they’ll be full in 20 years. What’s next?

82% of the landfills tested are leaking, contaminating our backyards and air with cocktails of toxic juice & fumes.

The average American throws away 68 lbs. of clothing into our landfills, 95% of which can be recycled.
We want people to really look in their trash cans & think about what they’re consuming. Think about how it affects our environment and realize that it doesn’t disappear after the garbage trucks come pick up. The app instigates action: a movement to change the way we consume and create. We’re going to be spreading Create Change with live events in your town: including hands on upcycling/creative workshops, live music, and eco-handmade vendors.